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LineStar Pro tip: Have fun! Fantasy sports were invented specifically to make watching games more enjoyable. DFS can often be a frustrating experience especially when you're just learning. Like many things in life, relax, and enjoy the journey!


The Origin
Born in the heart of the DFS industry in 2014, LineStar stands as the original, patented lineup optimizer—a testament to our unwavering commitment to innovation. Through our in-depth understanding of the industry, we offer an unrivaled fusion of advanced sports knowledge and affordable rates, fostering a loyal customer base that has stood by us for years.
Feedback Loop
Our customers are the heart of our operation, and we believe in fostering a two-way conversation. We listen, we understand, and we adapt—rapidly and effectively—to the ever-evolving landscape of daily fantasy sports. Our agility keeps us ahead of the curve, consistently delivering up-to-date and relevant features that cater to our users' needs.
Continual Improvement
As we grow, we are not just confined to the world of DFS. Recognizing the burgeoning trends, we've expanded our coverage to include Props and legal sports gambling markets, further broadening our horizons while keeping our customers at the core.
Likeminded Community
At LineStar, we are more than just a DFS tool. We are a community of sports enthusiasts, a hub of cutting-edge technology, and a platform where sports, data, and strategy converge. Whether you're a seasoned DFS veteran or a newcomer looking to make your mark, LineStar is your trusted partner on this exciting journey. Join us, and together, let's redefine the world of daily fantasy sports.

Over 8,500+ Reviews at ️4.8⭐️

  • High Ratings: LineStar boasts an average rating of 4.8 stars from over 8,500 reviews across our native iOS/Android apps and various online platforms.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Each review reflects a satisfied user who has discovered value in our tools and insights, contributing to our high customer satisfaction rate.
  • Continual Improvement: Feedback from reviews drives our commitment to continual improvement, ensuring we stay in tune with our users' needs and enhance our offerings.
  • Trusted Partner: The positive reviews reinforce LineStar's reputation as a trusted partner in the daily fantasy sports world.
  • Shared Success: At LineStar, we view the success of our users as our own, and we strive to maintain high customer satisfaction by consistently delivering a top-notch DFS experience.
Several of our customers have won the millimaker and very large GPP tournament contests. Unlike our competitors who are entering hundreds of thousands of lineups against you.
We want you to win! We celebrate customer wins with the LineStar MVP Program.

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