Stokastic vs. LineStar : DFS Review

Alternative to Stokastic (FKA Awesemo)


LineStar and Stokastic cater to DFS players, but they differ significantly in pricing, transparency, tools, and content. LineStar offers a more cost-effective subscription at $39.99 per month with comprehensive and transparent tools, while Stokastic starts at $119.99 with additional costs for specialized tools and emphasizes celebrity endorsement. Potential users should weigh these differences, considering LineStar's robust offerings and Stokastic's unique approach, to select the platform that best aligns with their needs.
Stokastic vs. LineStar

Why use LineStar Premium vs. Stokastic?


LineStar: At only $39.99 per month, this option offers a cost-effective solution for most DFS players. This subscription includes unlimited access to all sports, data, and tools for one person.
Stokastic: Starting at $119.99+ per month, yes you read that right, starting at! Stokastic's subscription is significantly higher. Additionally, if you desire access to specialized tools like their sims tool or partnership with Fantasy Cruncher, be prepared to spend even more. They have subscription upgrades that cost several hundred dollars per month.

Celebrity Endorsement

Stokastic: Co-founded by Alex Baker (AKA Awesemo), arguably one of the most successful DFS players of all time, Stokastic has a celebrity edge. While this may be appealing to some, it raises both pricing of his service and some pertinent questions:
  • Are you inclined to pay extra for celebrity association in products?
  • Are you comfortable with the fact that he/they are competing against you with thousands of lineups every night?
  • Do you truly believe that he is providing the best possible advice to play against him, or could he be withholding crucial information?
These considerations highlight the differences in pricing and the potential influence of celebrity endorsement, offering a comprehensive view for potential users to weigh their options. Also consider that Alex has seemingly significantly reduced his volume of play and participation.


LineStar: LineStar provides access to yesterday's projections, picks, and more, enabling users to backtest strategies with ease. This transparent approach allows for a comprehensive understanding of past performance.
Stokastic: In contrast, Stokastic does not offer access to their previous day's projections, leaving users to wonder why this information is withheld. Backtesting strategies is not straightforward either, requiring an upgrade to the Fantasy Cruncher package.


LineStar: LineStar equips you with a robust set of tools to enhance your DFS player skills.
The offerings include:
  • Industries ONLY patented DFS Lineup Optimizer
  • Transparent Player Projections
  • Industry Consensus Projections
  • Percentage Ownership Projections
  • Ceiling/Floor Projections
  • Stack Projections
  • Daily Matchup tools
Additionally tons of sport specific tools such as for NFL enthusiasts, LineStar provides additional insights such as WR/CB matchup details and player snap count/red zone data. These comprehensive features are designed to empower you with the knowledge to make well-informed lineup selections.
Stokastic: Stokastic similarly offers player projections, and ownership projections. However they do not offer much as far as matchup data. They have a different approach with showing you a players boom/bust probabilities and show you no data on how they got to those numbers.
While both LineStar and Stokastic offer valuable tools for DFS players, LineStar's comprehensive and transparent approach contrasts with Stokastic's more limited and opaque offerings. Potential users should consider these differences when selecting the platform that best suits their needs.
Additionally, Stokastic does not offer a native mobile app.


Stokastic: Stokastic excels in delivering value-added content, frequently updating with speculative shows or articles every hour. Much of this content, including Alex's engaging sense of humor, is available for free.
LineStar: LineStar also offers a wide variety of content, confidently inviting comparisons with Stokastic. The company believes its offerings are competitive and encourages users to explore and compare both platforms.

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