SaberSim vs. LineStar

LineStar offers a Competitive Alternative to SaberSim - DFS Review


LineStar provides a comprehensive, cost-effective solution with extensive customization in lineup optimization, live DFS scoring, and multi-platform support. SaberSim, specializes in simulations, and offers lineup optimization. It lacks in several areas such as live DFS scoring and native app support, and comes at a much higher price. Users should consider these differences to choose the platform that aligns best with their needs and budget.
Biggest question you should ask yourself: Do you really want to pay double?
SaberSim vs. LineStar App

Why use LineStar Premium vs. SaberSim?


LineStar: Priced at $39.99 per month, LineStar offers a cost-effective subscription for DFS players.
SaberSim: With a monthly subscription of $89.99/mo, SaberSim is more expensive than LineStar


LineStar: Comprehensive focus on lineup optimization, DFS tools, premium analytics, and Props AI.
SaberSim: Specializes in simulations while also offering lineup optimization.


  • Backtesting Strategies: LineStar provides tools that allow users to backtest their strategies, offering insights into how different approaches would have performed in the past.
  • Transparent Tools: LineStar's offerings, including historical data, projected ownership, and matchup rankings, are designed to provide users with a clear and comprehensive understanding of the DFS landscape.


Tools Comparison

  • Patented Lineup Optimizer: Offers extensive customization.
  • Hand Build or Optimize 150+ Lineups: Rapid Swap/Import/export functionality.
  • Transparent Projections: Clear and comprehensive.
  • Historical Data: For backtesting and analysis.
  • Live DFS Scoring: Real-time score updates.
  • Advanced Player Charts: For in-depth analysis.
  • Perfect Lineups: Ideal lineup review.
  • Projected Ownership: Ownership insights.
  • Matchup Rankings: Detailed matchup data.
  • Proprietary Live Chat: Real-time In-App and On Web Chat.
  • Web + Native App: Multi-platform support.
  • Simulations: Primary focus.
  • Lineup Optimizer: Similarly customizable
  • Limited Sports Coverage: Does not cover WNBA/Canadian Football.
  • No Native Apps: Web-only platform.
  • No Live DFS Scoring: Lacks real-time score updates.
  • No Perfect Lineups: No review of previous perfect LU.
  • No Props Information: Lacks prop bets data.


  • In-Depth Daily Content: Provides comprehensive daily articles, insights, and analyses for most major sports.
  • Weekly Content: Offers weekly round-ups, strategy guides, and expert opinions to keep users updated and informed.
  • Timely Updates: Content is frequently updated to reflect current trends, injuries, and other relevant factors.
  • Limited Content: Does not specialize in content creation and offers limited options.
  • Dated Strategy Guides: Provides strategy guides that may not be up-to-date or as comprehensive.
  • Narrow Focus: Primarily centered around simulations, with less emphasis on content.


LineStar excels in providing in-depth, timely, and sport-specific content on both a daily and weekly basis, making it a comprehensive resource for DFS players. SaberSim, on the other hand, has a limited focus on content, offering dated strategy guides and fewer options for users interested in up-to-date insights and analyses. The choice between the two platforms may hinge on how important content is to your DFS strategy and decision-making process. Ultimately choose what's best for you!

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