Fantasy Labs vs. LineStar

LineStar offers a Competitive Alternative to Fantasy Labs - DFS Review


You might notice Fantasy Labs slowly starting to look more like Rotogrinders. After its purchase by Better Collective, it's largely been neglected in favor of Rotogrinders and Action Network. Despite its premium pricing and outdated app, Fantasy Labs still offers increasingly dated DFS tools popular with users.
However, for a more affordable, transparent, continually updated, and community-focused DFS experience, LineStar is the standout choice, especially with its patented optimizer and Props AI.
Biggest question you should ask yourself: Do you really want to pay DOUBLE for less?
LineStar vs. Fantasy Labs

Why use LineStar Premium vs. Fantasy Labs?

LineStar: At a budget-friendly $39.99 per month, LineStar offers a comprehensive DFS toolkit without breaking the bank.
Fantasy Labs: Starting at $69.95 per month, Fantasy Labs targets a more premium market segment.

Core Features

Both platforms offer:
  • Historical Data: Essential for in-depth analysis and strategy backtesting.
  • Projected Ownership: To gauge player popularity.
  • Matchup Rankings: For player matchup insights.
  • Unlimited Lineup Building: For extensive lineup customization.

Unique Features

  • Patented Lineup Optimizer with Late Swap: Unmatched customization capabilities.
  • Transparent Projections: Clear and actionable data.
  • Consensus Projections: Aggregated insights for a balanced perspective.
  • Live DFS Scoring: Real-time score updates.
  • Props AI: A specialized tool for prop bets.
  • Community Focus: Proprietary chat for real-time support and community interaction.
  • Wide Sports Coverage: Includes niche sports like Canadian Football (CFL).
  • Synchronized Web + App Experience: Seamless transition between platforms.
Fantasy Labs:
  • Player Models: Customizable player models for DFS.
  • Trend Tool: To identify player trends.
  • Correlation Matrix: To understand player interdependencies.
  • Lineup Builder with Late Swap: For last-minute lineup changes.
  • Outdated App: A notably outdated mobile app hampers user experience.


LineStar: Provides exclusive, in-depth daily and weekly content across multiple sports.
Fantasy Labs: Offers daily and weekly relevant sports content but leans more towards being tool-centric.


LineStar offers a more affordable, transparent, and community-focused DFS experience, complete with unique features like a patented optimizer, Props AI, and a synchronized web and app experience. Fantasy Labs, while robust, comes at a higher price point and has been somewhat neglected since its acquisition by Better Collective.

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