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Rotogrinders vs. LineStar

LineStar offers a Competitive Alternative to Rotogrinders - DFS Review


For DFS enthusiasts who crave a bang for their buck, LineStar is the MVP! At just $39.99/month, it's a steal compared to Rotogrinders' hefty $119.99/month tag. LineStar's got the game-changing tools: transparent projections, consensus projections, and a patented optimizer that's in a league of its own. Want to make prop bets? LineStar's Props AI has got you covered. While Rotogrinders has some freebies and big-name affiliations, it's now just a cog in the corporate machine of BetterCollective. Choose LineStar for a winning, community-focused, and transparent DFS experience!
Biggest question you should ask yourself: Do you really want to pay TRIPLE the cost per month??
LineStar vs. Rotogrinders

Why use LineStar Premium vs. Rotogrinders?


LineStar: At $39.99 per month, LineStar offers a budget-friendly subscription for DFS players.
Rotogrinders: Starting at $119.99 per month, Rotogrinders is significantly more expensive, with additional costs for upsells and extra features.


  • Backtesting Strategies: LineStar provides tools that allow users to backtest their strategies, offering insights into how different approaches would have performed in the past.
  • Transparent Tools: LineStar's offerings, including historical data, projected ownership, and matchup rankings, are designed to provide users with a clear and comprehensive understanding of the DFS landscape.


Common Features

Both platforms offer:
  • Historical Data: For strategy backtesting and analysis.
  • Advanced Player Charts: Detailed player statistics and insights.
  • Projected Ownership: Ownership percentage predictions.
  • Matchup Rankings: Insights into player matchups.
  • Unlimited Lineup Building: Extensive lineup customization.

Unique Features

  • Live DFS Scoring: Real-time score updates.
  • Perfect Lineups Post Event: Provides ideal lineup suggestions after events.
  • Canadian Football (CFL) Coverage: Unique to LineStar.
  • Props AI: AI-driven assistance for making prop bets.
  • Proprietary Chat: In-app, real-time support.
  • Discord Chat: Uses Discord for community interaction and support.
  • Upsells for More Features: Additional costs for extra features.
LineStar and Rotogrinders both offer a robust set of tools for DFS players, but they differ in pricing, additional features, and community interaction platforms. LineStar provides a more cost-effective solution with unique features like Live DFS Scoring, CFL coverage, and a proprietary chat system. Rotogrinders, while offering a similar core feature set, comes at a higher price point and uses Discord for community interaction. Users should weigh these factors to decide which platform best aligns with their needs and budget.


  • Private Content: LineStar's content is primarily behind a paywall, offering exclusivity.
  • In-Depth Daily and Weekly Content: Provides comprehensive articles, insights, and analyses on a daily and weekly basis.
  • Sport-Specific: Covers a wide range of sports, offering specialized content for each.
  • Timely Updates: Content is frequently updated to reflect current trends, injuries, and other relevant factors.
  • Public and Free Content: Offers a rich mix of content that is freely accessible via YouTube, social media, and podcasts.
  • Timely Content: Provides up-to-date information and insights.
  • Affiliation with Top Players: Has partnerships with many of the top players in daily fantasy, adding credibility and expert perspectives to their content.
LineStar and Rotogrinders both offer valuable content but in different formats and access levels. LineStar focuses on private, in-depth, and sport-specific content, making it a comprehensive resource for those willing to subscribe. Rotogrinders, on the other hand, offers a wealth of free, timely content and has the added credibility of affiliations with top DFS players. The choice between the two platforms may depend on your preference for content exclusivity, depth, and expert affiliations.

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